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Creating a Reusable SVG Component with Vue.js

Learn how to create a reusable, configurable and lightweight SVG component using Vue Single File Components.


Illustration of a stopwatch with the phrase 'Web Worker Timers'

More Accurate JavaScript Timers with Web Workers

Increase the accuracy and reliability of JavaScript timing functions, such as setInterval and setTimeout with web workers.

The words 'Creating Node CLI Apps' on a dark background.

Creating a Command-line Application with Node and Commander.js

Learn the basics of creating command-line applications using Node and Commander.js by building a note taking application for the terminal.

Live Image Previews for File Uploads using the FileReader API

Create live image previews for file uploads using the File API and the FileReader object in vanilla JavaScript.


Jekyll-Vue template project logo

Jekyll Static Site Generation with Vue.js Single File Components

Create a statically generated site with Jekyll, Vue Single File Components and webpack optimizations.


The words git log on a dark background

Generating Project Documentation with Git Log

Git's log command can be used to generate consistent project documentation, such as release notes and changelogs.

The words 'Semantic Git Commit Messages' on a dark background

Semantic Git Commit Messages for Clarity and Structure

Using a semantic Git commit method can greatly improve the readability of Git logs and help to organize the scope of individual commits.


Illustration of the word 'Events'

Event Creation and Handling Techniques in TypeScript

Events provide a channel of communication between different parts of an application. There are several techniques for creating and handling events, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


Illustration of the phrase 'Go Lambda'

Getting Started with Go AWS Lambda

A guide to creating serverless functions with Go using the AWS SDK and the AWS CLI.

Illustration of the phrase 'Validation, testing and validating input in Go'

Testing and Validating Input in Go

Data validation is a defensive strategy, which helps to ensure the data you're working with has the type and structure that you expect.